Fishing Reports

May 22 Fishing Report

The first two weeks of the season are in the books and weather has been the big story. The water temps were in the high 40’s – mid 50’s for the opener. Fish were active in windows that produced consistent fishing. The rest of the day it was a fish here and there. A...

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July 9th Fishing Report

Just over 4 weeks out from bypass surgery I was able to get back on the water a bit the last 5 days.  Obviously that was the reason for the gap in reports.  A lot has changed in the past 4 weeks.  We did have a couple of very good weeks the end of June.  As we...

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June 6th Fishing Report

Last week we encountered what many would say was the best fishing of the year. The water temps were stable and we had some good winds 8-15 MPH. The winds provided for a nice drift and a good bite while not getting beat up. Shinners were still the bait of choice but...

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May 29 Fishing Report

Last week we saw the water temps go from the mid to upper 50’s to the upper 60’s and even some 70’s in some of the shallow bays. While some of the walleyes have moved off shore, others are still in the shallows especially in the evening or during the day with a good...

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May 21 Fishing Report

This past week found walleyes showing up in the more traditional spots on the west side of the lake. Although the wind and the bite was inconsistent those who were willing to move were rewarded. Otter Tail, 2 d and 3rd Duck, the Hardwoods, Meadows, Star and Pine all...

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May 16 Fishing Report

The best way to describe the first 5 days of the walleye season is spotty. The opener was greeted with calm winds, water temps in the mid 40’s and a very limited supply of spot tail shiners. Many of the usual spots were very slow while some experienced feeding windows...

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