May 15th Fishing Report

Fishing Report

A unique spring was followed by a unique opener. With water temps in the 30’s and the spawn done those who went out early (5am) were rewarded for their efforts with a good shallow water bite. The bite shut down as boats began to pile up. Others who found fish away from boats also had good action in the morning until others saw and joined them. Again more boats slowed the bite. Shiners were most effective although in very short supply. Rainbows were a good second option. Saturday evening bite produced nice fish in low boat areas. The wind was a factor both Saturday and Sunday limiting access to some spots. By Sunday shiners were unavailable and rainbows limited. Some had success with half a crawler on a jig. In general most got some nice fish with others limits at specific times and places. Some on Saturday, fishing on the east side in the rocks, got a nice mix of walleyes and small mouth.

Dick Weinberger