May 30th Fishing Report

Fishing Report

This week we got a break from the high winds and cold weather. The water temps rebounded and by the end of the week we had our first 60 degree water of the year. The fish also responded to the water temps with a better day bite and some of the females are back feeding. I got a few even when the lake laid down in the early afternoon which was encouraging. It is still a Jig and minnow bite and shinners were again available. With the south, south east wind the west side of the lake was producing more fish and more consistently than earlier. I had success in areas away from boats as well as with a crowd. Most of the fish were caught in 7.5 -10 ft. When the bite slowed some were taken in the 12-14 ft break line. The evening and night bite has continued to be productive. With the water temp on the rise and shinners tougher to keep alive I anticipate a transition to crawlers and leeches later this week or next.

Dick Weinberger