July 19th Fishing Report

Fishing Report

The walleyes are getting to their summer mid lake pattern. This past week I split time between bottom bouncers and pulling Raps. We had success with both but with the abundant food supply it is now time to cover more water faster which mean pulling Raps in open water. Most of the walleyes still had crayfish in them so a crayfish color Rap is a great place to start. I also like a silver shad or perch color. Some days it doesn’t matter other days it does. I like to get out several different
colors and change to the hot color if you see a pattern. Muskie action and sightings have been slow but with the warm water temps they should be moving into shallow water. Weeds are a good place to start but rocks and even 5-7 foot sand should not be overlooked.

Dick Weinberger