June 28th Fishing Report

Fishing Report

This past week we had a lot of bug hatches and much warmer weather. The walleyes are scattered and you have to cover water to find active fish. Crawlers with a bottom bouncers is a great way to do just that. The perch can be a nuisance but you just have to put up with it. I have started to use leeches with a bottom bouncer due to the perch and a couple of days the leech actually out preformed the crawler. With the water temps getting into the low 70’s this weekend I spent some time trolling open water for Muskie. We caught two, one just at sunset and the other just at sunrise. Another option is to troll the open water and when you find a school of bait, stop and throw the edges of the bait. With the warmer temp I would look for the Muskie to start showing up in the shallow bays around the scattered cabbage.

Dick Weinberger