July 5th Fishing Report

Fishing Report

This past week bug hatches continued but slowed. Most of the walleyes had crayfish in them. A few had bugs and the rest various size minnows or perch. That is the reason I continue to use bottom bouncers and crawlers as much as possible. At times the small perch are so relentless I have gone to a leech on the spinner rig with good success. As we transition into the time of the year with the highest natural food supply in the lake you need to adjust a bit. Number 1 for walleyes: be mobile. There will be feeding walleyes in the school just less of them at anytime. You are more likely to get a couple and then have to move on. Number 2: slow down. Rigging with leeches and crawlers can entice a non aggressive to feed as they still struggle to pass up an easy meal. During low light conditions speed up and cover water looking for aggressive fish. I prefer to match the hatch with crank baits and that means crayfish and perch. With the water temps now around 80 the Muskies will need to feed more and should start showing up in the weeds. Look for scattered cabbage in Sucker and Portage Bay.

Dick Weinberger