May 22 Fishing Report

Fishing Report

The first two weeks of the season are in the books and weather has been the big story. The water temps were in the high 40’s – mid 50’s for the opener. Fish were active in windows that produced consistent fishing. The rest of the day it was a fish here and there. A nice mixture of small walleyes (less than 14”) nice ones (16-20) and larger ones (20-24) were caught. Often either in the same area or near by. Although they were done spawning they were near their spawning areas. The entire west shore from the narrows to Big Hardwood, Pine Point (especially in the evening) Stoney Point and down into Traders Bay. I did not go up to Sucker Bay because of the wind direction. Back to the wind. We have gone from flat water to 25 + winds and rain that made it close to if not impossible to fish. The fish were biting on the calm days and the few days of good weather with manageable winds produced fish. Shinners and Jig have been the bait of choice and should be for another week or two. Leeches and crawlers are starting to produce and will pick up as we approach the crayfish molt. Memorial weekend will be a mix of weather but the winds look manageable and with the air & water temps going up I would expect some great windows and rewards.