June 6th Fishing Report

Fishing Report

Last week we encountered what many would say was the best fishing of the year. The water temps were stable and we had some good winds 8-15 MPH. The winds provided for a nice drift and a good bite while not getting beat up. Shinners were still the bait of choice but with the warmer temps they were tough to keep alive. Leeches on a jig were a good second choice, especially for the less experienced anglers. Those proficient with fishing crawlers and weeds continued to be rewarded with both numbers and size. The mid lake rocks reefs on the East side of the main lake have also picked up. Do not be afraid to try some of the smaller and even unmarked reefs. Anglers continue to get a nice mixed bag of eaters and slot fish, making for a good time on the water. Soon the walleyes should be feeding on crayfish, (some of the jumbo perch have already started) making crawlers the bait of choice with leeches a close 2nd.