June 26 Fishing Report

Fishing Report

The last couple of days the winds went down and the weather stabilized. It made it easier getting around the lake and that is what you need to do. With the abundance of food including significant May Flies, getting walleyes can be challenging. Getting a few at one spot and moving to the next has been my go to plan of action. Each day is a little different and I have found walleyes on the rocks in the main lake, on several main lake flats and in walker bay on sand point flat. I have also caught some nice 17-19 inch fish on wind blown points as well as in the cabbage in the northern bays. The ones I caught in the cabbage came in the middle of the afternoon while looking for weed beds to fish in the evening on a Muskie trip. My first Muskie trip was a 4 hour evening trip last night. We caught a 45 inch Muskie in the cabbage beds. That was the only fish we saw but a great start to what I consider Muskie season as the water temps are finally up to 72 degrees.